Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning Livermore CA

Carpet Cleaners in  Low moisture carpet cleaning definitely provides a number of advantages whether you’re looking for residential or commercial cleaning. One of the most obvious benefits of low moisture carpet cleaning is that less water is used during the cleaning process. ¬†That means your carpet will Dry in 1-2 Hours instead of days.

For example, when lots of water is used on your carpeting by an inexperienced technician, the water can seep into your carpet and remain there without properly drying. As a result, your carpet and floor can begin to develop mildew and even mold. Both are dangerous to the health of your family and can ruin even the most expensive carpeting.

The 5 Step Cleaning Process

1. Vacuum area to be cleaned prior to application of cleaning products.
2. Spot treat specific areas and stains with specialized agents and methods.
3. Apply pre-treatment to a 10×10 area Stay Clean solution using tank sprayer with an east and west motion.
4. Apply to same area using a north-south motion to cross hatch the original application. This will allow complete and even coverage.
5. Using specialized equipment, we clean while moving forward through treated area. Continue in passes until area pretreated is completely covered.

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