Tile & Grout Cleaning Livermore CA

When it comes to tile cleaning dirt and grime usually build up in the grout lines and crevices. Unfortunately, most cleaning products and tools simply can’t clean these hard to reach areas. In fact, some cleaners can actually make things worse by leaving sticky residues.

Tile Cleaning  You can scrub all you like but grout is so porous that without the proper equipment and experience you won’t get it completely clean.

We use industrial strength cleaning solutions, combined with special scrub brushes and high pressure to get the grime out of the problem areas.

Our professional tile and grout cleaning service uses a high-pressure cleaning device that digs down deep in to the grout to clean it thoroughly making it sparkle again. There is no water mess to worry about as all of the dirt and grimy buildup is vacuumed up while we work.

Once cleaned, we recommend that you let us seal the grout properly making maintenance a lot easier. It needs to be sealed properly so the dirt cannot get imbedded and trapped in the porous surface.

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